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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teamwork within a paranormal group.

Teamwork within a paranormal group should come naturally. The team should be a cohesive unit, each with the main goal of helping the group succeed and move forward, as well as, looking out for the clients best interest, of course! Recently, I have seen many groups where it appears that some of its members are only out for themselves. This is neither good for the field of the paranormal nor the group itself. When someone on a team has ulterior motives, it is not at all good for the group, nor is it good for the individual. I have been witness to this personally, and let me tell you, I did not like to see it happening. Needless to say, the gentleman was removed from the group shortly thereafter. At first, yes, there will be a few minor bumps in the path, but the more that your members work together; the more smoothly it will float.

When you are on a paranormal group, your single most important priority should be the client. If you are on a paranormal group for the “thrill” factor, please leave now. You are not helping this field or the group. If you are simply doing this for the “thrill” of the 1 in a million chance that you might see a spirit, please leave now, you are not welcome in this field. Most of the investigations that you will go on, nothing will happen. Not a knock, not a voice, and certainly not an apparition; and most of that can be easily debunked if you try...

There is a lot within building and maintaining a paranormal group that many people do not realize. There is interaction with the client, making them feel comfortable with the situation they are going through, setup and breakdown of all of the equipment, paperwork (case reports, investigation logs, etc), and the review of all of the data collected, just to name a few. The review of the data can sometimes take several days depending on how long your investigation was and how much data was collected. So you can see how important teamwork can be.

If you join a group thinking you will get rich, famous, popular, or with some other ulterior motive in mind, LEAVE NOW! You are NOT welcome in this field. The above will not happen and you are in this field for the wrong reasons. What you will end up getting, after investigating for some time, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped someone. You have helped them in understanding and coping with something that they didn’t comprehend when your group came in. You will get the gratification from your clients when they are in tears, explaining what is going on within their homes and you are able to give them an answer as to why it is occurring. Be it paranormal or natural. As long as you are honest and PROFESSIONAL with the public and your clients, they will think very highly of you and your other team members.

So this is my plea: If you are in this field to truly help your clients, be professional, advance the research of this field, and promote paranormal unity, then please stay! You are welcome in it. If you are not in for most of these reasons, please leave now, you are not welcome!