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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paranormal TV show explosion!

I would like to write about the state of the paranormal television shows. I personally believe that most of the Para TV shows are for entertainment purposes only. Like the “Magic 8 Ball” or a deck of playing cards. Many of the Para TV shows out now are, in my honest opinion, only geared toward the ratings. Which show can out do the other? I admit, I do watch a few. I think to myself while I’m watching them, “That would never really happen”, or “Yeah, right!” They all are fighting with one another to get the most ratings and the most fan support. They go into a location “expecting” to find something, even though the whole time they say they are not. Why else would they have a show? If nothing out of the ordinary happens, some have even gone as far as to fake evidence. When these TV “groups” go into a location, especially Residential, do they even really care about the client? After they get the content they were after, they hardly ever have anymore contact with the client.

With the explosion of Para TV shows, it has opened the flood gates for other “groups” to pop up all over the world to exploit the individuals that are truly in need of help and assistance. One thing that the people involved with these groups have to realize, is that when a client; be it a business or residential, contacts you, they are almost to their breaking point. They have suffered through fear, insecurity, lack of knowledge, anxiety, and worries over what has been happening in their home or business. If the team they contact, asks for a "fee" or wants to charge them for coming in and doing the investigation, then they should not be in this field. I understand that everyone needs to make money, however, the paranormal field is not where you have to make it. If you are in the paranormal field to make money, please leave. You are not welcome! I understand that in this economy, you may feel asking for a fee or maybe just travel expenses would be ok. It is not. Imagine if you were not knowledgeable about the paranormal field, and you were experiencing what you believed to be paranormal activity. You look online or go by word of mouth to try to find a group in your area. You finally find one after going through 1000 different emotions worrying about whatever or whoever is in your house may injure you or your children, only to find that they ask you to pay them to come in. I would consider that a slap in the face.

One such group, that has come to my attention as of late, is a duo of ladies name “The Ghost Buster Gals”. These two ladies claim that they get rid of spirits within your home or business and it only costs a $150 “Consultation Fee” for 30-45 minutes and $250 per hour PLUS travel expenses! If you have heard of this group and are thinking about using their services, DON’T! It is a scam. There are many groups available in your area that will do the same type of services free of charge. These ladies are preying on the people that need their help the most, like vultures, flying overhead.

On their website, they claim to guarantee that the same ghost or spirit will not return. That is a pretty bold statement. I would like to hear their explanation of exactly how they are able to make that guarantee.

Now, on the flip side of the coin, the explosions of the Para TV shows have also created many professional and respectable groups, as well. A respectable and truly professional paranormal investigation group will never ask for a fee or charge you a penny! If they do ask for any type of money, run! There are plenty of other great paranormal investigation groups in your area that would be willing to conduct the investigation free of charge. These professional groups will keep you as a top priority throughout the investigation process.

During the initial interview that most paranormal groups perform, to find out what kind of activity has been happening and so forth, do not be afraid to ask up front about any money concerns that you may have. If they do state that they do, in fact, charge a fee, just tell them that you no longer require their services. Easy as pie. If you would like, just contact me and I will contact a professional group in your area and have them contact you.

So this is my plea: If you watch paranormal television shows, fine. Just don't accept them as reality, they are for entertainment purposes only. If you are an individual in need of help involving what you believe to be paranormal, you do not have to pay a dime, so do not be taken advantage of.